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Notaries and Citizens

As legal advisers for families, notaries inform families about laws governing their everyday lives that often seem complex. Notaries are there to provide answers to the legal and tax questions raised by families with respect to their estate: marriage contracts, registered partnerships, donations, wills, succession settlements, etc.

Notaries do not only settle the property consequences, retrospectively, of family events such as divorce, death or an accident leading to a disability. They are also advisers who can be consulted by families at any time, to prepare the transfer of assets or modify the structure of an estate, according to current or future needs.

Notaries are also there to help families make the most of opportunities offered by the European Union. Increasing numbers of citizens live, study, marry, divorce and die in a Member State other than their own. In response to their requirement for legal certainty, notaries accompany families and advise them about the various provisions that apply, which can vary from one Member State to another.




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