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Notaries and Business

Ideally, businesses need to develop in an environment that guarantees transparency and legal certainty. The notariat delivers these elements through impartial advice and authentication of their documents in addition to the ability to adapt, by means of an innovative, fast and efficient service.

In many countries, legislators have endeavoured to make business life as secure as possible, by entrusting notaries with exclusive competence to draw up legal instruments incorporating and modifying enterprises, in addition to many legal instruments certifying their activity, such as minutes of their general meetings. Notaries help business projects to succeed and thus better protect the company's shareholders and creditors from the outset.

Notaries, as local legal practitioners, know that a business is a human adventure above all else, an adventure for its directors and their families and for its employees. Following the company's development, from its creation to its transfer, notaries are therefore also in a privileged position at the service of the men and women who make it a reality.

The life of a company and the lives of its main players interact continually. The legal form of the company, the division of powers at its heart and the social and tax status of its directors all affect their family lives and personal estate.

Conversely, the marriage, divorce, fatherhood or motherhood of its directors has repercussions for the company, not to mention their retirement or death. Lack of preparation for their transfer is one of the main reasons that companies disappear. Notaries carry out an overall analysis: they are able to find complete congruence between the needs of the enterprise, its durability and the aspirations of its management and workforce.



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